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Growing cannabis Sea of green Method

Sea of Green (SOG) is the theory of harvesting lots of little plants, developed early to find the best manufacture of buds available. Instead of increasing a little plant for a longer period of time, in the similar gap a lot of minor plants are developed that adult faster and in fewer time. Thus, less time is necessary among crops. This is significant to you while the electricity bill comes every month. One crop can be in progress though one more is growing, and a permanent harvest, year around can be maintained. 4 plants per rectangle foot will be a superior begin for seedlings. 1 plant per square foot will permit plenty of room for every plant to develop a big top cola, but will not permit for much bottom branching. This is OK since indoors, these bottom branches are for all time shaded anyhow, and will not develop very fine unless particular extra light and freedom. The inside grower rapidly realizes that plants that are too high do not create sufficient at the bottom to create the extra increasing time used value while. An exception to this law would be if it is proposed the plants are to go external at a few point, and it is projected that the light/shading issue will not be a reason at that point.

Sea of Green entails increasing to harvest the chief cola (top) of the plant. Bottom branches are trimmed to enlarge air flow under the "blanket" of growing tops. Use these cuttings for clones, as they are the easiest division of the plant to root. It is also the best part of the plant to restore after high point has occurred.

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